Birth date : 14 July 1993

Phone number : 418-780-6705

Address : 2158 av. de la Rivière-Jaune, Québec, G2N 1T5, QC

Email address :

C.V. of David Côté-Tremblay

Programming / Servers / Web

Programming languages

  • HTML5 / CSS3 + responsive
  • JavaScript & AJAX
  • PHP 7 (Object Oriented)
  • Ruby
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python 3

Servers and networking

  • Ansible deployment scripts
  • MySQL / MariaDB databases
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • NGINX HTTP Server
  • Postfix+SA mail servers
  • Bind9 DNS servers
  • Proxmox hypervisors (KVM + LXC)
  • Bare-metal LXD containers
  • XenServer Hypervisor (Xen)
  • UFW firewall & Fail2ban

Machine learning

  • Support Vector Machine
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Genetic algorythms
  • K-mean

CMS and Frameworks

  • Magento 1.9
  • Wordpress
  • Django 1.11
  • Symfony 3 (MVC)
  • Moodle 2
  • Prestashop
  • Ruby on Rails

Librairies and APIs

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery & jQuery UI
  • OpenCV C++
  • Doctrine 2 ORM
  • Google Geocoding API
  • Moneris eSelect Plus API + Interac
  • PayPal API

Operating systems

  • Debian 8 + Ubuntu GNU/Linux
  • CentOS 7 + Fedora GNU/Linux

Information security

  • SQL, CRSF and XSS injection
  • Upload exploit and remote execution
  • NGINX & app servers jails
  • Drives redundancy (RAID)
  • UNIX access management
  • Automatic off-site backups
  • Encryption certificates
  • Find and clean worms (botnets)
  • DoS attacks and Reflection

Search engine optimization

  • URL rewriting and metadata
  • Semantic structure and microformats
  • Performance optimization
  • Writing logic
  • Essentials browsing elements
  • Marketing automation / generated pages
  • Mass mailing without getting spam (rDNS + DKIM + SPF)

Versioning softwares

  • GIT

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Full-time free and open source consultant

Savoir-faire Linux, Quebec (September 2016 to October 2017)

  • Contribute to open source software
  • Develop Deployment Automation Scripts
  • Develop automated tests
  • Develop plugins for different software packages
  • Develop complex migration scripts
  • Write markdown documentation

Self-employed - Software Developer

SOLIB Free Software, Quebec (December 2013 to December 2016)

  • Develop ecommerce sites
  • Develop transactional platforms / Interac certification
  • Develop important databases / statistics / data mining
  • Manage web / mail / DNS / firewall servers etc.
  • Complex Architecture Migration Scripts

Part-time systems and networks administrator

Quebec Telecom Group, Quebec (July 2010 to June 2013)

  • Manage a physical and virtual park
  • Install / secure / update GNU / Linux servers
  • Support for in-house technical support
  • Significant migration of data

Full time programmer

Libéo / Sys-Tech, Quebec (May 2012 to October 2012)

  • Develop a computer vision project
  • Upgrade various complex platforms
  • Develop extensions for different CMS
  • Give technical support to customers

Full time programmer

Agence Gravel, Quebec (October 2012 to May 2013)

  • Integrate PSD mockups / templates into a CMS
  • Clean and secure servers that are infected
  • Develop extensions for Magento 1.9
  • Update servers and CMS from different websites

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Achievements and Collaborations

Housing Submissions Center of Quebec (2016)

This is one of my accomplishments on which I spent the most time:, which is a redesign and rebranding of A business directory for entrepreneurs, but also solicitations, property for sale and much more.

I developed this site from A to Z (except the used libraries): Find the name, create the logo, create the user experience, program the web application, integration of the visual, migration of the old architecture of database to the new, URL redirects, etc.

An interesting feature of this website is that I developed a web robot (Contentator2000) in multi-threaded Python who will pick up to the minute the property to sell on various sites of real estate agencies in Quebec and displays them on the site, with a daily update.

This web application has been designed with Symfony3, Doctrine2, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Python, Debian GNU / Linux and NGINX.

Site Address:

Isla Mona Boutique (2015)

A women's clothing store located at the Galeries de la Canardière in Quebec, but also a transactional website who sells internationally. In less than 2 years of existence on the web, 700 products indexed and already more than 400 sales made everywhere around Canada and the United States.

English and French, this website is made from free software electronic Prestashop 1.6. The payment methods offered are PayPal, Moneris eSelect Plus and INTERAC.

My job has been to train employees in SEO writing, The GIMP, managing social networks and e-commerce platform. But also install and manage the instance of Prestashop on a NGINX server and develop printing and generation modules of UPC barcodes for centralized inventory management in the store physical as virtual.

Site Address:

Statistique Radio (2014)

Designed to complement BBM radio surveys, StatsRadio is a listening tracker for real-time radio that can generate reports revealing graphs on performance statistics listening and comparing all radio stations across the province of Quebec.

This application, requiring high performance, was designed in simple PHP with the PostgreSQL database renowned among other things for its speed and the very high number of entries possible.

As a means of payment by credit card for subscriptions, I integrated the API of Moneris eSelect Plus and a simple billing system.

I designed this platform to provide a thoughtful configuration file for fine tuning.

Site Address:

Nova Biomatic (2015)

For this project, I configured and put online the multilingual Wordpress, given the training of the CMS and integrated a theme made with Bootstrap on Wordpress.

Site address:

Barbaware Men's Care (2015)

For this business project that sells its products internationally, I installed, configured and customized the Prestashop but also given training The GIMP, web referencing and trading platform management electronic to the 2 partners.

English and French, This website uses the free and open source software Prestashop 1.6 as an e-commerce system and runs under a NGINX server with Debian Linux. This is a platform transactional with the integration of PayPal at the request of the customer.

Site Address:

Cyberjournal Commerce Monde (2015)

This web journal, founded in 1997, specializes in international affairs and globalization. For this project, I made a complete redesign of the website initially done in simple PHP, to the Wordpress platform.

I wrote several articles on technologies and found some sponsors for the profitability of the site.

Site Address:

Web Crawler Hub (2014)

This is an evolutionary crawler (web bot) designed to fetch specific content on some sites, then send it to other systems with "drivers".

This platform with web interface is designed with Python multi thread, Symfony3, Doctrine2, NGINX and CentOS 7. An architecture that allows you to gather as much information as you can make it an excellent tool in data mining or for a web aggregator. Virtually transparent and supports regular content updates.

To put it simply, here is what architecture looks like: Drivers, Models, Sources, Instances and Classification.

Site Address:

And much more (from 2010 until the end of 2013)

The achievements previously seen are only the ones I realized as self-employed, excluding those with a confidentiality agreement and my previous jobs in the past.

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Biography of a self-taught developer

First jobs in IT

In 2009, I was looking for a job as computer technician (repair and sell computers), so I met from the owner of SOS Informatique. After my interview, he tells me he would have more work suitable as computer technician for my knowledge base, indeed, at the 2nd floor of his business there was a mini data center with about 4 rackmount. So I got the job, and my job at been cleaning up infected sites with to provide technical support to customers, migrate infrastructure to newer equipment etc.

In 2011 I see an ad on the internet: search developer web. I had an interview and from that day on I had my first job as a programmer: at Wakeup Media Group.

In 2012, I received a very interesting job offer from the company Libéo, I was hired after a test of about 50 questions, where did I work for 8 months and I participated on many large projects.

Self-employed worker for some years

In 2013 I migrate the infrastructure of Groupe Quebec Telecom on servers hosted at Bécancour, more economical and safe (to save several thousand monthly $ in electricity). Since that time, this company no longer needed my services (because now, everything rolls like clockwork).

At the end of 2014, I decided to found SOLIB Solutions Open Source because I had several visions in mind that I wanted to achieve.

These 3 years have been the most challenging of my life, where did I learn and achieve the most projects, in the most different trades.

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Motivation and objectives

Innovation, Research and Development

David Côté-Tremblay

With emerging technologies including the power of computers that is x100 to 10 years, I believe that machine learning is an integral part of the future (which is now!).

Some years ago, I started to learn different machine algorithms learning, which I find extremely exciting: classification, detection, recognition, prediction, decision, etc.

I see the emergence of the Internet of Things as an excellent opportunity for invent and develop new products and services. The markets for which I have the most interest are the commercial and industrial.

I have a great interest in all that is statistics and data visualization, and the methods of reading the database to display this information with as little latency as possible.

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Spoken and written languages ​​

I am native French Canadian. My level of spoken and written French is intermediate. I'm doing pretty well in English; read, write and listen: no problem. English spoken: still to improve.

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Sports and Recreation

I'm not an atlete, far from it, but I like it running in the woods. immediately that I have an opportunity to ride a bike and a little free time, the choice is simple: I leave for the day.

Since I'm not a fan of winter sports, usually during this period I take advantage to deepen my knowledge further.

Like most humans, I like to eat, drink beer, but also cook.

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